Snapshots: Blanton Museum

We’ve had this “date” on the books for 3 weeks. The Blanton Museum of Art at (ahem, t.u.) is just a block from Scott’s downtown office. It’s a truly fabulous place and for the last 6 weeks they’ve had this exhibit on “The Virgin, Saints and Angels.” We had to check it out. I’m not sure who was more excited, Scott and I, or Will. I would show you the art, but no photos allowed. Sorry. If you have some time before this Sunday you gotta check it out.

We even ventured over to the Western art (Dad, you would’ve loved the Remington pieces) and Modern art. Little weird. Little funky. Definitely photo worthy. Especially the penny pit with cow bones above it. Yep. It was actually my favorite. Next time you see me, ask me why someone would want to make that art. It makes for a good story.

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