Weekend Wrap-up

Another weekend slips by way too fast! Scott took off work most of Friday and Saturday to attend the UIL State Basketball tournament at the Erwin Center. He loves this weekend and looks forward to it all year. I’m looking forward to having Uncle Cory back in Texas so he has someone in which to share his excitement. When he starts the play-by-play, my face pretty much goes blank. Sorry, honey.

Friday night Will had his first sleepover for a friend’s birthday party. I’ll admit, this one was tough on ‘ol mom. I had so many second-thoughts. But, ultimately, we decided to let him stay. He had a great time. On the way to the party he tells me, “Mom, it sure is good to be me today” (referring, of course, to an early release from school, the birthday party and his Lego magazine that came in the mail). It just doesn’t get any better if you’re 6, does it?

And, while Scott was basketball crazy, the kids and I spent the day with my parents. Mom, the girls and I went shopping for Easter clothes – so fun. We’ve converted yet another shopper in Anna-Laura. Clare is quickly coming around. It was a lazy day and Will and Anna-Laura spent the night with them. John Paul woke up from nap with a blazing fever and cough, so he came home with Clare and I. But, today, the forces are all back to 100%.

We’re looking forward to a great week (Will is off for spring break) full of NON-ALARM CLOCK mornings. Well, I’m sure Clare will wake us up, but her cry is much less annoying than the real alarm…

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