Snapshots: A Day at the O.C.

We spent yesterday at Onion Creek, otherwise known as the O.C. Papa cooked some gourmet omelets, with his sous chef John Paul. They made quite a duo and the eggs were delish. Then, Papa and Scott took the boys golfing. It appears they had a good time. Although at hole #2, they were already asking for a bathroom and lunch.

Nana and I took the girls shopping, of course. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of our excursion, only receipts 🙂

It’s days like yesterday that made me thankful for many things…I have so many fond memories of time spent with my grandparents, especially my very own Papa (Great Papa to my kids) and I am so grateful that my parents are alive, healthy and active in their grandchildren’s lives. To see their faces light up when they see the kids is such a special moment. Nostalgia, I suppose. And, a bit of a reminder that it’s the relationships in our lives, rather than the things we have or do, that matter.

We had a great Texas “spring, but really a prelude to the scorching summer” weather – it was 94 yesterday!!!!

Be sure to check in tomorrow night. I have a tubload (wow, am I from Texas or what?) of pictures from the Zilker Botanical Gardens excursion we took on Wednesday. But, to tide you over until then, here’s a teaser…

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