It’s great to be 7!

Lucky 7, indeed. Last Thursday, all 11 boys from 1B trekked over to Dart Bowl for one fantastic celebration. After last year’s craziness (including one little guy who left with a broken arm) we decided to do something smaller, away from our house. But, have you ever seen a hamster in one of those cages, running like a crazy person in the spinning wheel? Well, that was 11 boys getting out of our cars to get to the bowling alley. It was still crazy, but the boys had a blast (and don’t they look dashing in their dress uniforms, shirts half-way untucked, ties off?). Us? Well, we were completely exhausted after only an hour and a half!

Anna-Laura was feeling under the weather, so Nana stayed home with her (Scott, Granny and I all agreed she may have gotten the sweeter end of the deal). We didn’t get to shoot our typical family pic – only the cake gets props this year. And, yes, it really was that delicious.

John Paul, Master Bowler.

Just how did Will get to be so big, so fast? There’s something quite special about your firstborn. I mean, before Will, we were just a little family of two, living in another galaxy far, far away. But, he arrived and we gained another level of loving – him and one another. He was walking proof (ok, crying proof!) of our commitment to one another. Will is just an amazing little boy. He’s always keenly aware of other people’s feelings and will be the first one to dish out a hug. And, he builds legos so darn fast we can hardly keep them in stock.

Someday he may not want to hold our hands in public, but today he does.
Someday he won’t be shorter than us, but today he is.
Someday he’ll lose his sweet little boy innocence, but today it’s intact.
Someday he will be a grown man, but today he’s still our little boy.

Happy Birthday, buddy. You are one amazing kid. It’s an honor to be known as Will’s Mom and Dad.


  1. amanda on April 1, 2008 at 2:33 am

    snif snif! where’s the kleenex! i’m glad y’all had a good time and all is well in whitakerland!

  2. Jennifer on April 1, 2008 at 3:46 am

    Tell Will Happy Birthday from us! We miss everybody.

  3. Kathryn on April 1, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    thanks you two…at least the aunts stay in the loop 🙂

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