Rough Weekend

To quote my dad, “Wowsers, what a rough weekend.”

We hit the ground running when we got off the plane last Monday. Scott was gone a few nights, working late, and I was busy getting things ready for the party on Thursday. Then…dun, dun, dun, Stomach Virus ’08 hit Casa Whitaker and it wasn’t pretty. First victim was Anna-Laura on Wednesday evening, followed by John Paul the following night. Clare was numero tres on Friday morning and I brought up the rear (bad imagery, sorry) that afternoon. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law who was here to help celebrate Will’s birthday. Well, we’re glad she was here, she might not consider being around 4 really sick people her idea of a fun weekend. At any rate, we’re all on the mend. Finally.

I’ll have birthday pictures tomorrow, so check in after 3 for proof that we really do have a seven-year-old in the house!

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