April Fool’s!

For me, this is one of the great American holidays. Where else can you play a joke on somebody, anybody, of small or massive proportions and get away with it? It’s always been one of my favorite days, but admittedly, the past few years I’ve been a slacker. Sorry. I do remember one joke in particular that I thought was hilarious. My dad? Notsomuch. It went something like this…

I was a sophomore in college. Before leaving for school, my parents got me a sweet ’91 Ford Probe. Remember folks, this was 1992. I loved that car. We even sprung for a covered parking spot in the campus garage. That morning, I decided to call my dad and tell him someone had backed into my car and hadn’t left a note. It was funny to a college student, but as I quickly learned, parents don’t dig that kind of stuff. Anyhoo, I called him up and told him we needed to talk. He was so excited to hear my voice, he put me on speaker phone (which I didn’t know about). I relayed what had “happened”. Dad immediately started going through the checklist of things to do.

ME: Hey, Dad, um I have something to tell you.

DAD: What’s that?

ME: April Fool’s!!!!! (laughing hysterically)




OTHER MAN IN THE ROOM: Um, Kathryn, you should see how red your dad’s face is right now (laughing nervously).

Needless to say, Dad doesn’t put me on speaker phone anymore. And, I don’t joke about things like that anymore. So, we’re even.

Happy April Fool’s!

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