Snapshots: January 18, 2008

It’s been a busy week, work-wise for me (which is why we’re lean on the posts). Will created a great “recipe” in class this week. I realized after I scanned the posts that there aren’t many pictures of him. Sorry, I’ll do better.

The kids and I hung out on Friday. I finally found a quiet activity for them…it lasted about 5 minutes (note: no one is crying, coloring on the other sibling or throwing crayons in this picture – that happened about 2 seconds after I shot it.)

At least Clare found a happy spot. She obviously isn’t eating well.

And, for the funniest story of the week (stop me if you’ve heard it)…at the dinner table Thursday night, the kids were horsing around and Anna-Laura spills her milk (HUGE surprise, this happens at least 3 times/week). Will starts cracking up as I’m cleaning it up and I (in my infinite wisdom) say, “Am I laughing?” (forgetting of course that kids are like sponges, they remember only the sarcastic things you say) During the cleanup, John Paul decides to go for a huge bite of salsa, and learns that hot really does mean hot. Scott starts to laugh and says, “Hot, John Paul?” To which, of course, John Paul replies, “Am I waffin’? It’s not funny guys.” (insert lots of laughs here). Reason #116 why John Paul really is the funniest member of the family.

Have a great weekend!

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