Wednesday Top Ten: Things I’ll Never Do Again…Promise!

Posted by popular demand…the hump-day top ten

1. Eat at Chipotle. Seriously, are they trying to compete with Freebirds? Ain’t no comparison. Free the bird.

2. Lead Vacation Bible School when I’m 8 months pregnant. Not one of my smarter pregnancy decisions. Who knew that jumping around, singing songs and corraling 140 kids, grade 5 and under, would put me in early labor? Duh.

3. Nurse a baby in a bathroom. Back in 2001 (yes, Will is almost 7!), I was too embarrased to nurse in public with a blanket over my shoulder, so I opted for the ladies restroom on more than one occasion. Thankfully there are laws in place that protect the rights of us breastfeeding moms. It’s not like we’re looking to flash people…but, who really wants to eat lunch in a bathroom, I ask.

4. Have spine surgery. Ok, this one kicked my tail (see pictures). That recovery was brutal. Once was quite enough for me, thank you. Sorry, Dr. Geck, you’ll have to find another patient 🙂

From this…

To this…

5. Take the last flight out…from anywhere…with kids. Scott and I learned this one the hard way flying back from my 10-year high school reunion. Will screamed the ENTIRE WAY home from Houston To Indy, falling asleep, of course, the last 10 minutes of the 3 HOUR FLIGHT. No he’s not hungry. Yes, his diaper has been changed. YES, we’ve tried everything. Yes, we’re ready to jump off the wing.

6. Move somewhere that requires snow shoveling. Snow is fine for TV and snowskiing, but not for shoveling… Oh wait, this is my top 10, not Scott’s! I just provide the hot chocolate.

7. Buy generic ketchup, jalepenos, sausage or diapers. Not enough room for the “why”, just trust me.

8. Judge a book by its cover. This one really falls under the category of, “Things I Hope to Never Do Again.” Just when you think you have somebody figured out, God goes and surprises you.

9. Drink Diet Dr. Pepper. Ick. I’m a fan of the fully-leaded stuff.

10. Have a cat as a pet. Kathryn+Cat=disaster Don’t ask me what my dad used to do to them. I’m more of a dog (someday we’ll get one) or fish (the kids and Scott are on tank duty) kinda gal.

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  1. fairtex on January 16, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    “popular demand”, that’s a little presumptious but I’ll take the bait. I agree with your top ten except for Chipotle. Their burrito is terrible but the burrito bowl (steak) is second to none.

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