Date Nights: Unforgiven & The Grapes of Wrath

The people at Blockbuster are starting to recognize Scott on a first-name basis. It’s been a fun week. We started with the shoot’em up movie, Unforgiven. Scott and I kept thinking this was a recent movie. Hello! It came out in 1992. Man, we need to get out more. Great movie. I’m not a big western fan, but there’s something about Mr. Eastwood…

We went back to B&W and watched the Grapes of Wrath last night. It made us realize maybe we should be reading these books, too! (oh wait, we DID in high school) It sparked some great conversation about what life must’ve been like “back then.” We sure do have things easier today, in many ways.

Have I told you lately just how much fun we’re having?? And, the best part is some of these are so good (and so G-ratish) that even our kids can watch them. How awesome is that?

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