A Foodie Kind of 16th Birthday

Looking for a fun, and easy, birthday for your teenager? Just feed them! Venture to any of Austin's best food trailers and maybe catch a mural or two, but be prepared to roll home.

Peas and carrots. Peanut butter and jelly. Sweet and tea. Teenagers and food. Some things just go together, don’t they? For our oldest son’s 16th birthday, I struggled with wanting to throw him an epic birthday with not wanting to embarrass the heck out of him. It’s a fine line, this parenting a teenager gig.…

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Yee-Haw! A Texas Birthday

Planning a Texas-sized birthday for your son or daughter? This dessert table is sure to have some winners of ideas.

My love affair with birthday parties continues. You may see a repeat of this party again next year for sweet Gianna. She shared her big three-year-old birthday with her oldest brother, who was celebrating his Confirmation the same weekend. I figured, let’s do a two-fer. Double the cookies, double the party, double the fun. Plus,…

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The Confirmation *Par-tay*

Where there’s a dessert table, there’s me. True story. Nobody loves throwing parties and having company over more than I do. Hospitality is my charism. I realize some of this stresses people out, but it is life-giving to me. My love is found in the details. All my work to make it beautiful was my…

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Vegas Baby! A Poker Party for the Teenager

Planning a poker birthday party for your teenage son? From game ideas to inexpensive party favors, great appetizers to simple DIY decor, this party has it all! What happens here, stays here, right?!

As the kids get older, it’s getting trickier to find “cool” birthday party ideas, especially when teenagers are involved. At the end of last summer, John Paul really got into cards and card tricks. So much so that he’s up to 85 card tricks he’s mastered and some he’s made up himself. I know.¬†At school…

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Go USA! A Patriotic World Cup Soccer Birthday

Go USA soccer! This patriotic World Cup soccer birthday for a young girl is filled with lots of red, white and blue, affordable DIY touches and details that will make you proud to be an American!

Soccer is life. Or, at least my 11yo thinks so. She asked for a World Cup soccer birthday party a few months ago. Between the Team USA logo and the proximity of her birthday to the Memorial Day weekend – red, white and blue, it was. Let’s chat details. The Food Isn’t it always about…

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