The Best of the Best

Interested in learning more about Catholic schools? If you think it might be the right place for your son or daughter, this post shares some of the biggest Catholic schools myths and why they just might have it all wrong.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you know that my heart sure does love Catholic schools. It’s worth noting that both Scott and I are the products of public education and I’m the daughter of a public school teacher. No one school is perfect for every kid, or every family. I can…

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3 Things I Wish People Knew About Catholic Schools

It's National Catholic Schools week and there's just three things I wish every parent of a student knew about a Catholic education.

Raise a ruler and pull up your knee socks if you’re excited that it’s┬áNational Catholic Schools week. This weekend, the Diocese of Austin held one kick-tail dinner, benefiting all our 22 Catholic schools. Our keynote was Cardinal Dolan and he did not disappoint. There was something – okay, lots of things – he said that…

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A School Parent’s 10 Commandments

Ready for a new school year? These 10 commandments help guide our family on a stellar school year with our kids.

Time to lace up the saddle shoes and inhale the sweet smell of leather. A new school year is here. And I am in total denial. But, we forge ahead, for there are papers to write, drawings to color, books to read and tests to take. We’ve been at this “first day of school” gig…

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Label All the Things

Heyyyy, welcome back to school, y’all. Don’t worry, I’m the neighbor with the margarita machine. #truestory As we did the mad dash to get everyone ready for school, I found the kindest email in my inbox from my graphic design crush, Minted. They were all, we have a $250 store credit to give away to…

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Go, Have a Beautiful Life

I was all prepared to be sarcastically funny about how we are coming in hot – real hot – to summertime at Team Whitaker. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through four class parties in less than 45 minutes yesterday. Amazingly, I did. But it was what happened after all that crazy…

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