Confirmed, on Her 16th!

This post is about three weeks overdue. May, am I right?

On May 16, our sweet Anna-Laura was confirmed in the Catholic Church, on her birthday, by her Godfather. I’m not sure it gets any sweeter than that. Bishop David Konderla, or Fr. David to us (old habits die hard), was a priest in our diocese for many years. He worked at the diocese with Scott as the Director of Vocations and then as the pastor at St. Mary’s in College Station for the students at Texas A&M University. Having him at confirmation was such a joy. His homily was outstanding and I will sit with his words, and the joy of his heart, for a long time.

Just before the Mass, he stopped by the house, hung out with the kids and we just chatted. He is a gift to our family! I’ll share more about the party this week, but let’s get to that long overdue birthday letter, shall we?

Dear Anna-Laura,

Happy sweet 16! I am certain you will remember this birthday, this day, for the rest of your life. You were confirmed, on your biggest day, by a man who dearly loves you and prays for you every day and with your sponsor, boldly leading you toward Christ. What grace. Someday you will know the depth of my love and what a day it was for your dad and me. Until then, know how proud we are of this very adult commitment you made.

This year, I’ve seen such a maturity and a confidence in you evolve. Maybe it was the pandemic, maybe it was age, maybe it was a lot of things. You’re surrounding yourself with friends who turn your gaze toward Christ, who make you giggle hysterically and who have your back. Always look for those traits in a friend. I love the way y’all love one another.

Speaking of love, your cakes and baking skills! Can we talk about those for a moment? It’s so fun to watch you see something, then research it (usually on YouTube or your favorite Instagram baking accounts) and make it a reality. Won’t it be fun to see what God does with that? I know my waistline is a direct beneficiary. So, thank you.

The day after your birthday, you got your driver’s license (I won’t ever forget that mistake I made in scheduling it wrong and how it led us to San Antonio and a stop at Buc-ee’s). Not all things end badly! And, you aced it with a 100. What?! I sure hope the, “Mom, do you need me to run any errands?” joy doesn’t fade anytime soon. It’s great having another driver in the house.

You are organized and driven, beautiful and kind, hopeful and compassionate. May those traits continue to shine and grow. I see the brightest of futures ahead for you. You’re also stubborn and opionated (hmmmm), but I sure hope you don’t lose your fire, either. The world needs strong women. And you’re one of them.

As you enter into your last two years of high school (please, Jesus, help us savor every moment), I pray your faith becomes a sturdy shelter for you. Keep asking the hard questions. Keep working hard. Don’t be swayed by discouragement, but let it fuel you to try new things.

You’re a gem and the kid that keeps the house running. I love all of you – your sass, your heart and your confidence. May this year be your best yet.




  1. Violet J Presley on June 6, 2021 at 4:15 pm

    Just so precious!

  2. MaryLou Starr on June 7, 2021 at 9:40 am

    Oh my goodness! We lived in BCS for 34 years while my husband was a professor at TAMU. We went to St. Mary’s in CS many times and really enjoyed Bishop David’s (Fr. David to me, too) homilies. He and Fr. Mike ( also Bishop Mike now) were energetic, charismatic and inspiring. It’s no wonder there are so many A&M students who discovered their vocations in that wellspring of spiritual love.
    Congratulations on your daughter’s confirmation and 16th birthday; she does indeed have a solid spiritual base to continue her growth into full adulthood.

  3. violet presley on January 1, 2023 at 2:57 pm

    I repeat what I said in ’22 …just precious/ .

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