Here and There

The last few weeks, some podcasts and YouTube videos I’ve been in have gone live and I wanted to share them with you. Primarly, because in each, I share things I rarely talk about online.

Also, if you missed my SiriusXM special on The Catholic Channel, it’s still available to listen to on the app, if you have a subscription. I was terrified (ha!), but I had such a great time talking to callers, interviewing Sr. Maria Fatima, O.P., and sharing a bit about our family’s crazy idea to drive 3,500 miles during a pandemic. Did I tell you the Texas Monthly BBQ editor called in to dish on national parks AND BBQ? Yeah. It was a pretty awesome hour.

Over at Talk to Me with Liv Harrison. I shared the story of how Johnny Football launched my writing into a whole other sphere. True story!

On Cup of Jo, my friend, John and his co-host, Clint and I talked about that time I got called to the principal’s office. As an adult. Again, true story. I’m usually on podcasts with the gals, but what fun to hang with the guys and talk about things like the time I helped manage the White House press pool!

And Stacey Sumereau and I chatted about rolling with the punches (boy, isn’t that timely!) on her podcast/YouTube, Called and Caffeinated.

Enjoy these snippets! There are even more listed on my book page when you have some extra time on your hands. I love the enthusiasm and joy of all these people. What an honor to support their work in the Kingdom!

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