Confirmed! And I Have All the Feels.

While I’ve written about mine and Scott’s love story, I don’t think I shared about our engagement and wedding story (coming in July!). It’s important to note that my own confirmation took place an hour before my rehearsal dinner. Crazy, I know. Twenty years into this Catholic gig and Will’s Confirmation was my very first one.

We had a slew of family and Godparents in town for Will’s big day and the weekend did not disappoint. There was cornhole and good food, late nights and cold beer, chrism and a lot of sacrament love. Because I had never been to a confirmation before, I had zero expectations. Mostly, I was just excited to be there.

This entire year, but especially the spring, was full of so much preparation. There was youth group, confirmation classes, service hours, a service day, choosing a sponsor, writing essays, interviews and choosing a confirmation saint. Add that to a full load of AP classes and working on getting a driver’s permit and we almost went crazy. In the end? Worth it. I loved teaching confirmation classes this spring, so I ended up crying for Will and a whole bunch of other kids that weren’t even mine. Ha!

We took tons of family photos before Mass (hey, I’m learning) and then Scott took the bigs to save seats and get Will situated with his class. We had a great view and plenty of time to bask in the joy of the day. It was such a difference compared to baptism and first communion days. There was less stress and worry and more joy. Maybe because he was older, or maybe because we’ve learned to chill out. Either way, it was such an awesome sacramental day.

Special thanks to all my IG followers who helped me solve a fashion dilemma. #firstworldproblems

Bishop Danny did a beautiful job of taking his time with each confirmand, saying the words and marking them with the cross and chrism. I did the ugly suck in of breath, then the slow breath out so I wouldn’t completely fall apart. It didn’t really work. I suppose this is the first of many milestones where we walk Will to the edge and then slowly step back, waiting for him to fly on his own. It’s a surreal moment, really. For 16 years, we’ve been carting him to Mass, youth group, Catholic school, altar server training and on and on. But this time, it was him standing there, making the commitment. Yes, we helped prepare him, but he took the leap. I can’t foresee the future and I can’t know what crosses lie ahead. I pray, however, that his “yes” to God on Confirmation day will always be close to him. I hope he always allows God’s love to reside within him, no matter what life brings his way. It’s been such a privilege to walk with him this far.

Whew. Sorry about the soapbox.

Will, with his sponsor, Fr. Tom, and Godparents

Worth noting is both of Will’s Godparents, Carla and Fr. Kevin, flew in from Indy. Fr. Kevin and Will’s sponsor, Fr. Tom, both concelebrated Mass which made it even more special, if that’s possible. We were thrilled John Paul was able to altar serve, as well. Family affair. In a stroke of “thank you Jesus” we even landed the bishop that was our former pastor and mentored Will when he began altar serving. What a gift all that was!

I’ll let the photos do the talking from here on out. Up tomorrow is the par-tay and all its details. You know me and sacraments.

Most of these Mass photos are compliments of Pat McCord. We are so grateful for your talents!


  1. Verdina on May 22, 2017 at 9:32 am

    All I can say is WOW! Congratulations, Will!
    I facilitated Confirmation for several years; and, I must say that was probably the most personally rewarding thing I’ve ever done–to witness the growth of faith in those young people! 💖💖
    God bless you!

  2. Carla on May 22, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Wow! I am so impressed. Wish all my kids were younger than yours so I could follow your lead on making the most of these special events. With six kids sometimes we did and sometimes it just didn’t come together. Your family looks amazing, the outfits are perfect. Thanks for the inspiration as I still have two younger kids and I hope I can celebrate their milestones as well as you do.

  3. Sarah Delima on May 23, 2017 at 9:52 am

    Beautiful! Congratulations will!

  4. Claire Harvey on May 23, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    Congratulations Will. !!The photos are wonderful.
    I was also confirmed on Sunday – it was a case of better late than never. I was baptised twice at birth but somehow missed out on confirmation. So at the grand age of 53 I was finally confirmed. I’m SO happy!

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