The Confirmation *Par-tay*

Where there’s a dessert table, there’s me. True story. Nobody loves throwing parties and having company over more than I do. Hospitality is my charism. I realize some of this stresses people out, but it is life-giving to me. My love is found in the details. All my work to make it beautiful was my…

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Confirmed! And I Have All the Feels.

While I’ve written about mine and Scott’s love story, I don’t think I shared about our¬†engagement and wedding story (coming in July!). It’s important to note that my own confirmation took place an hour before my rehearsal dinner. Crazy, I know.¬†Twenty years into this Catholic gig and Will’s Confirmation was my very first one. We…

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Celebrating Catholic Sacraments, Like a Boss

'Tis the season for Catholic sacraments - baptism, confirmation and first communion! This post shares five tips to help you keep the sacrament holy and enjoy the day.

Y’all know me and parties. Like a bee to honey. For many of us, it’s sacrament season – baptism, First Communion or confirmation. The trifecta! This year, we’re celebrating confirmation (hooray!) and next year will be our fifth First Communion. I do so love inhaling holy oils. Sometimes, the joy of the day gets overshadowed…

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