Summer Has Arrived, What That Really Means

Our last day of school was last Friday. I had my doubts if we would make it to the end in one piece, but the miracle happened. Hallelujah! I somehow managed to make it to four class parties, eat something resembling lunch and arrive to the van intact. Poor Clare just got to see her kinder slide show and we walked out with her plate in hand. She’s clearly child number 4.

The challenge was everyone had staggered dismissals so I had to pull somebody out early and I knew she was the kid that didn’t care. Thanks be to God I still have them all on the same campus! I did manage to snap some photos in each class of the kids with some of their favorite classmates, as well as each of their teachers. I did get one eyeroll (no comment on who), but mostly 100% compliance. Someday that will change, I’m sure.

I have learned one valuable lesson on the party circuit. Volunteer to bring the easiest thing or (gasp) nothing at all (ahem). I’ll let you guess which one I opted for… And, eat in your oldest child’s classroom. Way less parent crazy and the food is almost always better. Will’s class had catered BBQ!

The conversations with parents and the “hey, we’re going to miss you’s” really made me thankful for where we choose to send our children to school. Catholic school has been such a blessing to our family. It is worth every sacrifice we make.

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A few weeks prior, the kids enjoyed field day. I’ve learned to go right when it begins, stay for a few minutes and take pictures and then come on home. I still have a little in tow, so the attention span is less. Maybe someday I’ll stay longer, but right now that works for us. The kids had an absolute blast. It was also an Anna-Laura birthday party day so there was that nuttiness going on, too.

field day_02

field day_01

Memorial Day was nice and laid back. We had grand plans of living it up at the pool, but the clouds were still out and oh my heavens, that water was cold! We usually go down to my parent’s house and enjoy the festivities at the club, but this year we just didn’t have it in us. I think the prior few weeks really wore us out and we were ready for a pool that was just minutes from our front door. As a sidenote, who IS that big kid in the pool who’s related to us? Slow down on the growing, Will, you’re catching up to your ‘ol mom!


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