Father Knows Best

I often think Scott is the better parent. He is ever-patient, fun, spontaneous and a risk-taker. All the things I am not. I like to think that in tandem we are a great pair. But, in reality, I know that I scored the jackpot when I married him.

This past weekend we celebrated Scott and my dad at our house. The many other wonderful men in my life – my father-in-law, grandfathers, uncles and Godfathers – were not far from my memory.

Dads just have a completely different take on life, we all know that universal truth. What consistently amazes me is how I see a different child when Dad is in the room. It’s a pretty beautiful sight and one that makes me fall in love with Mr. Whitaker all over again.

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They say you marry a man like your own Dad. My dad is equal parts funny and hard-working. Giving and self-sacrificing. Handsome and wise. Dad, I love you for making me the woman I am today and teaching me to wait for an honorable, faithful, God-fearing man like Scott.

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We feasted on baked ziti with sausage (adapted from this Williams-Sonoma recipe), french bread, caprese salad and, at the request of the dads, homemade apple pie. My grandfather made THE BEST homemade apple pie; that’s what happens when you cook for the Navy. I didn’t bust out the homemade pie crust, but it still tasted delicious. We opened presents, laughed and snapped some photos. I even managed to surprise Scott with a book about Reveille that has his ‘ol Army yell leader picture in it! (thanks Alyce, for the covert operation)

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For some, like my hubby, Father’s Day is bittersweet. His dad passed away eight years ago and his absence is felt throughout the year, but particularly on a day like Father’s Day. May the lessons of the many men in our lives guide us, make us laugh, cause us to reflect and be grateful for our blessings!

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