Whoo’s 8? Happy Birthday Anna-Laura!

Our little girl isn’t really that little anymore. Eight is big britches, I suppose. Eight years ago I became the momma of a girl. Oh, how sweet it is. There’s been Paris and gardening, soccer and dance and a whole lotta pink. Being her mom is pretty great. We’ll celebrate with friends and family tomorrow at her crafty owl party. Yes, we are both beside ourselves with glee.

alg bday_16

Dear Anna-Laura,

When you were born eight years ago, one of the very first phone calls we made was to your great-grandmother. The two of you share a birthday and oh, how I wish you could’ve heard the joy in her voice when we told her we made her a present. While Granny Mary is no longer with us, you carry on her day and her nickname, “Sisty.” I suspect you also carry on her sass, or that might be mine? Either way, you own it.

I love the way you laugh when you get really tickled. It’s a bit of a melody and that’s pretty much how you do everything. You sing in the car, you sing at school (your teacher even has to remind you to “sing in your head”) and you sing when you’re busy working on something. Maybe there’s a career there, or maybe you’ll just be a car singer like your mom.

You have a real talent with fixing hair. No really. I fully expect you to start doing mine in a few years. It’s common for us to be five minutes late to school because you’re trying out a new hairdo. It drives your brothers bananas.

No doubt about it, you’re opinionated. And boy, do you have a set of pipes. But, as moms, the one thing we all pray for is that our kids won’t be swayed by peer pressure. That they’ll know who they are and what they want to accomplish. I know that your self-confidence will take you far and keep you from swaying to the changing winds.

You have really taken a liking to reading this year. It’s cute, because now you get the jokes in the books. I’m really looking forward to snuggling in the big chair and reading some Harry Potter with you this summer.

Oh, and did I mention you are my resident love note maker? Just the other day there was a note I found on my desk that read, “Dr Pepper I love you! From: ???” You make your sports coaches books of drawings, write people the funniest and heartfelt notes and you do it with such joy. The world needs more people like you, Sisty.

By the grace of God, you actually have athletic ability unlike your mom. To watch you on the soccer field is an absolute blast. Girl, you are fast. Maybe one of these days you can don a maroon and white jersey and play for Coach G. A mom can dream, can’t she? Until then, I’ll keep enjoying U9 soccer.

Almost every night, you and your sister ask to perform a dance for the family. It’s usually to TobyMac and it’s usually a lot of jumping and hair whipping. Too fun.

Seeing you make First Communion earlier this year was the highlight of motherhood. I have never seen you more radiant. As a sweet Dominican Sister reminded me, “the Eucharist unites you as a mother and daughter even closer. Jesus is now truly at the center.” Amen, Sr. Maria Gemma!

I have no idea what God has in store for you ALGie (your initials and most popular nickname in the house!), but it will be grand. This I am sure. May today be bright, shiny, funny, sassy and loving – just like you.

All my love,



  1. verdinalouisa on May 16, 2013 at 9:07 am

    So sweet… what a joy for you… took me back to my daughter at that age — thank you for sharing!

    God bless!

  2. TracyE on May 17, 2013 at 5:13 am

    Girl, you got me on a love/hate relationship with you and this party planning!! JK. However, with our DD’s upcoming 10th bday and tonsillectomy 3 days prior, we are going to do a little soiree early and imma gonna copy you……aka steal some ideas.

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