First Communion Week {Feeding the Troops} Food, Flowers & Printable

Welcome to First Communion Week at Team Whitaker!

This is the fourth post of a five-part series:
Preparing Your Heart (What the Sacrament Means)
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Feeding the Troops (Flowers and Food) + FREE Printable
Saying Thanks (Notes and Godparents) + Bowl GIVEAWAY

Now that you enjoyed the best Mass ever, it’s time to feed all those hungry people.


Source: The Little Big Company

There are a few options: go light, go to a restaurant or go home. It all depends on your budget, the time of the First Communion Mass and your tolerance level for hanging with friends and family.

Go light. Serve up some quick and easy finger foods, cake or cookies, sweet tea and call it a day. I always find my very best recipe inspiration from Southern Living. Texas girl, here. Of course, Costco has some pretty great appetizers that are pop-in-the-oven easy. Maybe a family member wants to pitch and help. Let them!

Go to a restaurant. Once you decide on your favorite one, make reservations. Like yesterday. Outline your budget and your expectations with the establishment. Are your guests paying, or are you? You can always merge this option with my next suggestion: have your favorite restaurant cater the meal, you pick it up and then serve it at your house. None of the prep mess is on your end, Hip to the hooray.

Go home. Last year, my husband made fajitas the night before. He cooked the meat until it was almost done, the next morning we popped it in the oven at 200-degrees while we were at Mass. When we arrived home – voila – lunch served. He also whipped up a batch of guacamole the morning of and I set out the cake and cookies when we came home. It worked out beautifully, was inexpensive and it allowed our friends and family to just “be.” Nowhere to rush to and no plans the rest of the day. I loved it.

For dessert, I turn to my standby, Polkadots. Olga and her bakers crafted THE most beautiful cake last year. You may be a real Betty Crocker in the kitchen, I say go for it. The table, pictured above, is the loveliest of lovely. What can I say, sucker for pretty dessert tables, right here. That link above has some really beautiful touches that you can make your own. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If dessert tables freak you out (or you’re saying to yourself, ‘Kathryn, you crazy.’), I say hang with me. Decorating a table is like decorating a room. Find your feature (the cake, a photo of your child, flowers) and then build around that. Pick a color scheme, add some personal touches and pray that it gets destroyed. Why? Because a demolished table is the sign of a great party. Your child’s First Communion is cause for great celebration. Have fun!

first communion cake_ blog

In years past, we’ve done simple flowers in mason jars. I’ve gathered up bunches of white flowers and put them throughout the house. This year, I met a wonderful local Catholic florist,  Fleurish Austin, and I’m so excited to partner with Ruth to create some beautiful arrangements. She’s talented and funny. I never splurge on flowers, so this will be a treat. Nothing says ‘special day’ quite like flowers. Whether yours are store bought, hand-picked from your garden or professionally styled, they are sure to be a welcome centerpiece at your table. Here’s an arrangement she did for a Catholic luncheon. Love it!

fleurish austin

These flowers were a bridal bouquet but I cannot unknow how beautiful they are. This is what happens when you’re an agriculture major who took a floriculture class in college. Succulents and ranunculus? Yes, please. Oh, how I wish I could giveaway flowers on the blog!


Source: EllaBella Floral & Wedding Design

It’s an honor to provide FREE cupcake wrappers, Blue and Pink Crosses with Diamond Dots and Blue and Pink Crosses with Herringbone, to each of my readers compliments of ChickadeeDigital. Jessica and I “met” when she designed some Harry Potter ties for my son’s birthday celebration. She’s quite the talent and has some awesome things in her Etsy shop. A bit about Jessica:

I have always loved using my hands to create things. Lately, I enjoy paper crafting, drawing doodle super heros and Disney characters for my son, photography, playing in Photoshop, and sewing cute clothes for my baby daughter. I love creating easy projects for busy moms – iron-on tie decals, necklaces, bow tie and suspender sets to dress up your little ones in a snap. I also make digital paper packs, cupcake wrappers, digital prints, and clip art.

TOMORROW:  Saying Thanks (Notes, Godparents and a GIVEAWAY)

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