Running in the Rain

I’ve had today on my calendar for a couple of weeks now. I was crazy/smart/delirious enough to volunteer to make the infamous prayer boxes again for the second grade classes at school. Perk of being in a Catholic school, right? Today was picture day and I was hoping our wonky weather this week would cooperate since we took the photos outside.

The first class of 25 kids went beautifully. About halfway into the second class, I felt a few sprinkles. I eyed one of the other moms and she said, “Let’s get this line moving.” And we did. Three minutes later, we had snapped the remaining students’ photos and back in the building we went. That’s when I heard it. The sky opening up and then the bottom fell out. My good gracious.

Thank you, Mary, for keeping watch until we got those photos snapped.

I gave my girl a quick hug and made a beeline for the van, where I promptly headed home to put my jeans in the dryer! The remainder of the morning, I did a few client projects, ran an errand and then headed to school to pick up Luke. I went in to get him and got the awesome news he peed on the big boy potty. Yee-Haw. More on that soon. Just as we hit the door that led to the parking lot, I saw that familiar sky and yelled, “Uh oh, Luke. Run!” I scooped him up and off we went dashing to the van.

Y’all. You should’ve heard his laugh. I would do that 10,000 more times and then some to hear it again.

It was my best run of the week. Thank you, interwebs, for capturing this memory so I’ll never forget it.

This really IS the good life.

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