10 Lessons I Learned from Aggieland

You *may* have heard my beloved Aggies officially joined a new conference this weekend. All hail the SEC! It was a decision a long-time coming and while some say it had little to do with the t-sips, I think it had everything to do with them. But, that is a post for another day, opening game day, perhaps?

It’s no secret I love being an Aggie. Today I want to share just why that blood runs so maroon and the most important life lessons A&M taught me. Enjoy!


1. Sacrifice. My freshman year, my friends and I were running late for Muster and we found ourselves standing outside G. Rollie White, praying they would open the doors for just a few more students. A senior and his buddies were in front of us. And, just like out of Aggieland lore, the doors opened and the ushers motioned for five more students. The senior turned to our group and pushed us ahead of him. As we walked by he said, “You go experience your first Muster, I can stand this one out.”

2. Leadership. My 1.8 mid-semester GPA was evidence that I made the most of leadership experiences at A&M. Thankfully, I learned to balance a bit more and turned that 1.8 into the Dean’s List my senior year. I traveled the state with Traditions Council, hosted schools from across the country with COSGA, brainwashed freshmen at Fish Camp as a counselor and co-chair (and loved every stinking minute), planned a campus Muster ceremony, gave campus tours, served as my sorority’s sisterhood chair and many more. But, the lesson wasn’t fully learned until…

3. I had the chance to screw up. My sophomore year I was doing a million things and some of them suffered. I had an upperclassman question my ability to do it all and while his words stung, he was right. My final two years at A&M I cut back some of my involvement, really dove into doing the things I loved and found my happy place. It is a lesson I still learn from today, as the mom of five.

4. Camaraderie. When Aggies tell you that the “ring is the thing,” we mean it. Everytime I have spotted an Aggie ring, I have spotted a new friend. We’ve seen them on the East Coast, the West Coast, Europe, the grocery store, the airport, the soccer fields, at carline and everywhere in between. There is an instant connection and the knowledge that the person you’ve just met is worthy to be called friend. Next to my wedding ring, that Aggie ring is my favorite piece of jewelry.

5. Love. I met my main squeeze on a blind date at A&M. Our first oh-so-romantic date at Duncan Dining Hall must’ve sealed the deal, right? My Corps boy turned into a yell leader and a mighty fine Aggie, husband and father. A&M gave me the love of my life (definitely worthy of a WHOOP!).

6. Loss. A few years after graduation, we helplessly watched the horrific events of the collapse of Bonfire. At the time we were living in Indiana and anytime we wore an A&M shirt, strangers would approach us to tell us they were sorry. I was humbled. It was a dark day in Aggie history, but the amazing things we saw transpire as a result of such a loss was deeply touching.

7. Obedience. A fish following the orders of his commanding officer or a sorority sister heeding the advice of her “big sis” – I learned that sometimes life experience does give you wisdom and sometimes you don’t know it all. Obedience isn’t weakness, it’s the ability to recognize you’re part of something bigger. None of us can go it alone successfully and A&M taught me the importance of community.

8. Service. All it took was one service project, through The Big Event, that taught me not everyone has the same blessings. I learned a lesson of gratitude, too.

9. Tradition. It means something at A&M. It’s more than just a byline on our logo. A&M is rich in it and we do things with purpose. Perhaps that is why I love being an Aggie Catholic so much 🙂 Also, word to outsiders, don’t mess with our traditions. That can get ugly.

10. Patriotism. Whethere it’s walking into the MSC, standing at football games or decking out Kyle Field in red-white-blue, we are a public university that recognizes and celebrates what it means to be an American. Man, I love this place.


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  4. Dianna Kennedy on July 4, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    As a big sports fan, and fellow SEC gal (GO CATS!), I loved this post. I enjoyed your Aggie stories — makes me want to go to a football game RIGHT NOW!!!

    Oh, but did anyone tell you the only downfall of SEC games? We don’t sell alcohol in the stadiums. FYI.

    • Kathryn on July 5, 2012 at 5:07 pm

      Dianna, when we were students drinking at the games was a HUGE no-no. Too dang hot down here. Hopefully, that still rings true, but it’s been a while since I sat in the student section 😉 Can’t wait to whip some Cat tail this fall. Oh yeah, I threw down the gauntlet.

      • Dianna on July 8, 2012 at 11:35 pm

        Gauntlet on, sis. I told B I expect you Aggies to take home the FB championship. You know, of course that UK reigns supreme in basketball. 😉

        Student section … Now there’s some fun! I sat in the student section of an Ole Miss vs LSU game once ….most fun I’ve ever had. We never sat down!

        • Kathryn on July 9, 2012 at 7:44 am

          Yeah, the Cats will give us a run for the money in men’s bball. Women? We’ll see. Oh, and the Aggies stand up the whole game – another tradition at A&M – as the 12th Man. I just need to buy you a book of Aggie traditions 😉

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