Mother’s Day 2012

Last Sunday was beautiful!  We had a kah-razy Saturday, so we ended up going to Mass on Sunday morning.  Not our usual gig (we’re typically Saturday night attendees) but I really enjoyed starting our Sunday morning at Mass.  The kids actually wore what I asked them; only one child lodged a complaint.  Not bad odds.  We saw some wonderful friends, wished them a “Happy Mother’s Day” and then enjoyed lunch and gifts with the kids, my parents, my sister-in-law and niece.

It was especially fun to surprise my own mom with a framed set of photos we secretly took (thanks Shannon!) of my brother and I and our families.  We all signed it and gave it to her with kisses and hugs.  It was especially sweet as my brother and his family moved to Florida today.  We sure are going to miss them.

The notes from the kids were priceless.

Dear Mom,

You’re the nicest mom anyone could ask for.  I thank you for all the food you cook for us and the stuff you give me.

Your loving son,

Will Whitaker {signed in cursive, no less!}


Dear Mom,

I love you so much.  Could you pray for me to guide me? {on it, buddy}


John Paul


My mom’s name is Kathryn.  She is 37 years old and has brown eyes and brown hair. {so far, so good}  She weighs 6 pounds and is 21′ tall {wow, Jillian Michaels is working better than I thought}.  My mom’s favorite thing to eat is pizza {probably because I make it every Friday?!} For fun, she likes to watch my baby brother.  She really doesn’t like it when I screm at her. {true} I think it is funny when my mom does a silly face. I know my mom is angry when she does’ent lissen to my dad {HA!}  If I could give my mom any present it would be a baby dog {for her or me?!} My mom is the best mom in the world because she let me get a American girl. {aww}

Love, Anna-Laura


Clare colored me sweet pictures, made me a great little tote bag and told me I was the “best mom evah.”  I’ll take that.


And it wouldn’t be complete without a few excerpts from John Paul’s “Why God Made Moms!” booklet.

Q: Why did God make Mothers?
A: So we could have a baby to be born, and so we would have a boy for a preist. Or else we wouldn’t be baptised or, no Eucharist.

Q: What would it take to make your Mom perfect?
A: If she would work out more ofen to lose some weight.
{Gee, thanks John Paul!}

Q: Who’s the boss at your house?
A: My mom because she does the laundry, and cooks dinner.
{Holla! Ok at least one child appreciates what I do.}

Q: If you could change one thing about your Mom, what would it be?
A: Nothing
{For the record, I think that’s a crummy question, but I love his answer!}


Some things about Mother’s Day are not overlooked by me.  I recognize the many “moms” in my life – both family and friends – who have helped shape me into the person I am today.  I recognize the moms and women who want to be, who have endured a child loss or suffer from infertility.  It is a difficult day for many women.  I recognize that a mom doesn’t have to be related to you to be the most important woman in your life.  And, I recognize that I have a huge responsibility as the mom of five earthly children and one in heaven.  It was a day I felt very loved and very thankful.  To my own mom, I love you.

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