Happy 7th Birthday Sisty!

Seven years ago, I became a mom…to my first girl.  With all five pregnancies, we never asked whether it was a boy or girl until delivery day.  When the doctor yelled out, “IT’S A GIRL!”, I responded, “SHOW ME.”

Our Anna-Laura is named after a dear Dominican Sister, Sr. Anna Laura.  She also shares a birthday with her great-grandmother whose nickname was “Sisty.”  Anna-Laura adopted that name and now proudly owns it.  She is feisty, opinionated, loving and funny – just like her great-grandmother was.  While the original Sisty is no longer with us, she most certainly lives on in Anna-Laura.

To my sweetest big girl,

Anna-Laura you are a total delight.  You are also my biggest reason for praying Hail Mary’s.  Your Nana says it’s because you have a little of your momma in you.  That makes me very proud.

You get so excited over little things:  a new book, a doll, a trip to Sonic Happy Hour, going to a birthday party.  You get this little giggle in the back of your throat and you laugh through your teeth.  It is so funny to watch you do it. 

You are beautiful.  Yes, you have your Poppy’s piercing blue eyes and Nana’s gorgeous blondish hair, but I love that you so freely give away your kisses and hugs.  You often tell Clare and I, “Oh, you look SO pretty.”  And you mean it.  I pray your beauty always comes from within and your self-worth is dictated by the love you share.

You L-O-V-E to do your hair.  Seriously.  You must fix it three times before you leave in the morning, twice during Mass and multiple times when you come home from school.  You taught yourself to braid and your favorite hairstyle is a side-ponytail, circa 1985.  You may have a career there, who knows.

Your favorite color, hands down, is pink.  You love lip gloss and fancy shoes, purses and baby dolls.  But, if you want to know what I think?  I think it’s a cover.  You are tough as nails.  On the soccer field, you dish it right back.  You can outrun one brother and quite nearly the other one.  You are a fierce competitor and you hate to lose.  Seeing you dribble that soccer ball makes me very proud, not because you’re good at it (you are!) but because you really, really, really love playing with your friends.

You are social.  While school is there for you to learn, I think you love seeing your friends more 🙂  Gee, wonder where you get that trait?  But, just in the last few weeks, you’ve really taken a liking to reading.  Thank you, Junie B. Jones!  Perhaps you, me and Hermoine can become friends in the next year.

You love to draw pictures and create beautiful art projects.  You are SO going to love Art Camp this summer.  The best part about your drawings is you do them for people who need prayers or a pick-me-up.  Your heart is always in the right place.  So sweet.

We call you pretty girl, ALGie and Sisty.  You smile every time we say them.

You are my world.  I love you and I pray that year #7 is your best yet.

All my love,


p.s. We are going to have a BLAST at your party this weekend.  I’m just as excited as you!

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  1. Lisa Schmidt on May 17, 2012 at 9:29 am

    So sweet, a beautiful tribute! Anna-Laura and my Lucy Ann sound like kindred spirits!

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