Field Day, Field Trips

As we wind down the school year – for those of you that are already out, zip it – I wanted to post a few quick pics from some field trips and the infamous Field Day.

Scott was able to attend both field trips with John Paul and Anna-Laura since I went on the big one last fall, with Will.  By the looks of the photos, everybody had a great time.  John Paul explored the Dinosaur Park and Anna-Laura’s class enjoyed Inner Space Caverns.  That place is a gem if you haven’t visited it, by the way.  The only thing that freaks me out about it is those durn bats.  I just don’t do flying animals.

Field Day was super fab.  We were quite worried because the original date got rained out.  I know, we were just as surprised.  It worked out wonderfully, though, because Scott’s mom was in town and was able to see the kids enjoying themselves.  And, it never hurts to have another set of hands when Luke is in tow.  There were water games, hula hooping, dancing and lots of laughs.  We had gorgeous weather and I caught some fun moments on film.  Notice Will’s, “Mom, please hurry up and take the picture, I’m trying to be cool here.”  I did get a half-smile.  I’ll take it.

Oh, and only TWO. MORE. DAYS.  Summer is so close I can almost taste it!

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