Advent: Feast of St. Nicholas

This has been a family favorite for a long time.  December 6 is the Feast of St. Nicholas.  On the eve of his feast day (the evening of December 5), the kids put out their shoes and carrots for St. Nick’s horses.  When they awake, they find a candy cane and their Christmas pajamas.  This year, I’d like to have the kids do some research on him, draw a picture and share a favorite thing about him with the family.  They do a beautiful job at school (benny of being at a Catholic school) and I hope to just build upon that foundation.

St. Nicholas was a generous man and he’s known as the patron saint of children.  We have a special affinity for him; Will’s middle name is Nicholas in honor of this great saint.  Yes, St. Nicholas really lived!  If you want to know more about St. Nicholas, just click HERE.

I’m pretty sure I posted this poem last year, but I think it’s worth sharing again.  And, if you are wondering how I really feel about Santa Claus, you might want to read my “Making Peace with Santa” post from last Advent, you can find it HERE.

Happy Feast Day of St. Nicholas!

Santa Claus belongs to childhood;
St. Nicholas models for all of life.

Santa Claus, as we know him, developed to boost Christmas sales—the commercial Christmas message;
St. Nicholas told the story of Christ and peace, goodwill toward all—the hope-filled Christmas message.

Santa Claus encourages consumption;
St. Nicholas encourages compassion.

Santa Claus appears each year to be seen and heard for a short time;
St. Nicholas is part of the communion of saints, surrounding us always with prayer and example.

Santa Claus flies through the air—from the North Pole;
St. Nicholas walked the earth—caring for those in need.

Santa Claus, for some, replaces the Babe of Bethlehem;
St. Nicholas, for all, points to the Babe of Bethlehem.

Santa Claus isn’t bad;
St. Nicholas is just better.

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  1. molly on December 6, 2011 at 7:28 am

    We started this two years ago and the kids love it! Lucas made shoes at school on yesterday and the kids put them outside the classroom. Feast of the Immaculate Conception is Thursday , so the school has a lot of celebrations this week! Love our school!

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