The Greats Come to Visit

A couple of weeks ago, my grandparents came to visit.  Or, as the kids call them, “Great Papa” and “Great Betty.”  It is always wonderful to have them here and it’s a beautiful reminder to be thankful.  My grandfather is famous for replying, when asked how he is, “I’m alive to celebrate another day.”  It never fails to make me smile.

Saturday, we kept them hopping with two soccer games and a flag football game, lunch with the family and then a big dinner and game of chickenfoot at our house.  I’m not sure who was more tired, Great Papa or my kids!  Papa got to see Anna-Laura score a goal just feet away from where he was standing.  She was floating after that.  John Paul had two really great runs with the football.  Clare managed to not pick any grass while she played her soccer game.  In U5, that’s a milestone.

I don’t know how many more trips they’ll be able to tackle from Amarillo to Austin – it is about a nine-hour drive – but the days they were here were precious memories.  I’m learning to appreciate those more as I get older.  And, I’m also reminded that “older” is a long way away from where I am now.  You can buy more stuff, but you can’t buy more time with your family.  You can’t buy more memories, more conversations over MGD’s (my grandfather’s beer of choice), more family stories.  But, you can relish in what you have.  I feel very blessed to have a grandfather and step-grandmother in such great health and even more blessed that my children have a relationship with them.  What. A. Gift.

Great Papa and Great Betty – a million thanks for making the trip to the big city.  We love you, to the moon and back.

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