Top Ten: Little Wins

As we work to get ourselves geared up for another school year, which begins next Tuesday (EEEK), I’m looking to find “wins” in the little things.  Because Lord knows the big things set me off in a tailspin.  Here they are, in no particular order:


1.  I cleaned out and organized the recipe box.  I’m cooking again!  It is so lovely not being stressed about dinner.

2.  I bit the bullet and called the hospital to get the d-lo on all Luke’s outstanding medical bills.  Not as bad as I thought.

3.  The kids are remembering to put sunscreen on before they head outside. Hey, it only took ALL of summer to get that one down.

4.  My hair is growing back.  You may not think that’s so fab, but after having it fall out in heaps for the last two years, I am overjoyed it’s decided to make a comeback.

5.  We finally found all of the Princess “Go Fish” cards.  {related post tomorrow – get excited}

6.  I finished the laundry on Monday (as in washed, dried, folded, put up and ironed) all before Scott got home.  Whoa.  First time in 10 years.

7.  We’ve made it to the pool twice in the last two weeks and I did it all by myself with all five kids.  No tantrums.  No screaming.  Perhaps it had something to do with the promise of skittles at the end of the trip.  Maybe?

8.  I finally found Belle’s (as in Snoopy’s girl) nose.  I’ve been looking for it for 8 weeks.

9.  The kitchen stove grates no longer have nasty black ick on them, thanks to an overnight soaking in ammonia.  Oh, how I love thee.

10.  I didn’t break a nail this week.

See, earth shattering stuff.  Tomorrow, I have your before and after and IT. IS. DIVINE. along with some great quotes and a funny story on Friday.  Oh the suspense.

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