Before & After: The Nursery

This room has been done for eons.  Eons, people!  We painted it when I was still six months preggo and Luke is almost two.  It’s days like today I realize what a vortex I’ve been in the past couple of years.  Did 2009 and 2010 even happen??

Here’s a before shot.

My goodness, John Paul looks like a baby in this photo!  Nevertheless, it was a room that was initially painted and all the furniture and drapes moved in and hung up long before Luke arrived.  And it was a good 8-9 months after he was born that he actually slept in this room.  The swing was SO our friend during those horrific hospital stays, bouts with RSV and everything other yucky thing in between.  I’ve added all the other stuff since he took up residence.

I’ve blabbered long enough.  Here’s the after!

The drapes are one of my favorite features.  They are thick and serve as great decoration, as well as the all-too-functional room darkening shade.  I believe every nursery must have these.  Luke’s room is like sleeping in a hotel room.  I lurve it.  The box fan to your left is our sound machine.  Yes, I know they make smaller ones.  This one works, it’s paid for, it’s what we use.  Don’t judge.  The bookcase was made by my grandfather and is now on it’s fourth or fifth different coat of paint.  I snagged the baskets on sale at Target and they hold a few stuffed animals and books.

The furniture we bought about 11 years ago and it still looks brand new.  I am super sad that when all the babies leave our house, we have to trash our crib, though.  It has that railing on the side that slides down.  {sigh}  For now, we have it stationary using Scott’s workbench clamps.  Classy, I know.  This is why you don’t see a picture of the crib yet.  That’s on the honey-do list.

The artwork on the door was put there by Clare (a creation she made for Luke during one of his hospital stays) and I can’t bring myself to take it down.  I love it for so many reasons.  That little peg rail to the left of the changing table is one of the things I wish I could take design credit for, on second thought, I will.  It’s genius, really.  We use it to hang up his little backpack, jacket (during the winter) and clothes that he wore but aren’t dirty enough for the hamper or clean enough for the drawer.  I told you.  Brilliant.  The basket holds diapers, wipes, creams, brushes, etc.

Ahhh, the rocker.  Scott and I have spent many a night rocking a fussy baby in that chair.  It’s incredibly comfortable and so durable.  The little niche above has a photo of me pregnant with Luke – what a keeper – along with the baptism photos of all the kids.

What a sweet place for Luke.  Love it!!


  1. Betty and Mickey on August 5, 2011 at 1:00 am

    Love the Longaberger Founders Basket with diapers, wipes, creams, brushes, etc! What a treasure and a beautiful nursery!

  2. Alexis D. on August 6, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    love it! can you come decorate my house???

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