Top Ten: Washington D.C.

[as written by Will Whitaker]

Will’s 10 yr. old trip to D.C.  The Top 10 things I did in D.C.

1.  The White House
2.  Lincoln Memorial
3.  Arlington Cemetery
4.  Jefferson Memorial
5.  Air and Space and the U.S. History Smithsonians
6.  National Building Museum
7.  U.S. Capitol
8.  Lugar, Cornyn and Hutchison’s offices
9.  World War II, Vietnam Memorial and Washington Monument
10.  National Archives
[11.  National Shrine – mom added]

In Lugar’s office I got to take a picture with a real Colts helmet!  At the National Building Museum I saw the Lego exhibit where this one guy had built famous places out of Legos.  At the Arlington Cemetery we saw JFK and family graves and JFK’s brother.

[This is about the time John Paul came dashing through the kitchen yelling, “Who wants to go play basketball?”  Top 10 over.  I’ll post more in the coming days.  Who knows, maybe I can even convince Scott to guest blog!  They had a really fantastic time.  I can’t wait to share photos and stories soon.]

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  1. Verdina Louisa on April 7, 2011 at 9:11 am

    What a great experience! All that was in my back yard when I was that age; and, of course, it was just "there", so I didn't see half of what you guys did. You'll remember that trip all your life.

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