{Advent} Preschool Christmas Program

Every year, the Catholic preschool hosts a really adorable Christmas program.  I know, all preschool programs are high on the cute factor.  You’ve got Joseph tripping over the manger, nearly knocking down the scenery, the two-year-olds crying their heads off, another one picking his nose and the papparazzi of parents documenting it all on film.

I love being a mom to little people.  On this day 🙂

We dropped Clare off at her classroom and then Luke and I scouted the church for prime picture-taking seats.  Let me just say this.  When picture taking of your small children is involved, you see a different side of people.  Fortunately, this ain’t my first rodeo.  I’ve done ten preschool Christmas plays and I’ve learned a tip ‘er two.  We scored some pretty good seats, minus the fact that I forgot to factor in I was supposed to film, shoot pictures, entertain a baby and watch the play – all with two hands.  I was flying solo this morning.  Minor miscalculation.

The video is mostly steady, the photos mostly in focus, the baby escaped with no permanent bruises and I saw just about every second.  As much fun as Clare was having, I was loving every moment.  I finally – after four tries – have a kid that actually sings, does the motions and loves being the star of the show.  She was so stinkin’ cute, it hurt.  I had a few moms ask me afterward if I had her enrolled in dance as much as she was moving.  HA!  I think I smiled all morning.

Clare has been practicing her songs – alot.  In Mass, walking the aisles at the grocery story, while getting dressed in the morning, on the potty.  Pretty much everywhere we’ve heard, “Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem x3…riding on a donkey.”  Be sure to tune in tomorrow for some pretty outstanding QOTW!

The big kids have their play next Friday.  I’ve got two angels – a speaker and a non-speaker, along with an Isaiah.  The pictures may be just as blurry, but the memories will be just as sweet.

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  1. Verdina Louisa on December 13, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Do you ever wonder (as I do) how you do it all? And so well? I have to tell you that my youngest granddaughter went to a Presbyterian preschool last year. Before the program, they said they allowed the children to choose who they wanted to be. They had multiple Mary's and Joseph's, but it was "perfect". (Jilian chose to be an angel)

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