Before & After, Part V: The Laundry Room

I can’t say this room was next on the home improvement list.  But, when you discover a leak in the wall five days before heading on vacation, it jumps to the top of the list.  What we thought would be a “small” drywall repair job, ended up – much to the chagrin of Lowe’s – as a total reno.  I found an awesome steel memo board on Etsy and that got the ball rolling.  After much debate, we chose aqua over orange for the wall color.  And, lest you think we are crazy for putting wood flooring down in such a water-prone area, worry no more.  That is peel and stick, baby.  Peel and stick.  It came in wooden “planks” that we just laid down  over the existing linoleum and then took a 100-pound roller to the floor once the job was complete.  Total time?  2.5 hours.  Can’t beat that.
To recap, that’s new paint, a new floor, new trim and some new drywall/mudding/spackling.  The shelving was already there.  All done by my handy husband.  No, he’s not for hire.
I always detested that linoleum (ewwww) and tried to walk as quickly as possible through that room.  It was screaming for a personality.  Now, we love the room and I must say, laundry on Monday rocked.  Hopefully the euphoria will last for another 18 years.
Nine trips to Lowe’s and 103 paint samples (no kidding) later, here’s the result!


  1. Verdina Louisa on September 7, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    You guys are truly an amazing team on so many levels!

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