Top Ten: Things I’ll Miss

You’ll get the full report on Luke on Monday.  My heart is sad tonight…Luke’s Godmother is moving 2,000 miles away tomorrow.  We’re super happy for Melanie and the gang, but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t sad, too.

Here’s a little background.  Scott met this really great couple, through work, that had the same amount of kids as us (at the time, that would be 3!).  I met them at an open house for new parents the spring before Will entered kindergarten and just three weeks after my major spine surgery.  We hit it off instantly.  Since then, we’ve had two babies, lots of family dinners and shared a tubload of texts, phone calls and playdates.  We are alike in many ways, except for the fact that her husband is a doctor 🙂  Running joke.  Sorry.  At any rate, in honor of Melanie, I’ll offer you this…


1.  Her sarcasm.  In person.  It will come through on texts, emails, voicemails and skype, but there’s just something about hearing it in person that makes me smile, everytime.

2.  Family dinners.  We’ve had lots of these and they’re always fun.  It always seemed like they were the moment when we announced something big…like the dinner when we told them we were pregnant.  Or the one a few weeks later when they did the same.  It’s not often we double our house size the moment the door opens.  Tucker’s, our Sunday evening dinners will be missed.

3.  Buddy time.  Everybody has a buddy.  Crazily enough, we have the exact same number of children, quite nearly the same age, all in the same boy/girl birth order.  Let’s see, there’s Jax/Will, Blaise/John Paul, Madelone Rose/Anna-Laura, Elizabeth/Clare and Henry/Luke.  That’s just nuts.

4.  Her honesty.  Melanie isn’t one to sugarcoat things.  I love that.  I hate sugar.  Give it to me straight.  Preferably in a margarita glass.

5.  Her heart.  Melanie was the first person I called when (crap, now I’m crying) I had that 20-week ultrasound.  She called me religiously every appointment day and wanted to know the skinny.  If I didn’t answer, she just kept calling 🙂  She was with us the night Luke was born and the night he was wheeled into emergency surgery.  She’s just always been there.

6.  Her faith.  We may not think all the teachings of the church are easy, but we embrace them.  And we’ve done it together.  If not for her, I would’ve never taken the NFP refresher course and who knows what would’ve happened if I hadn’t!

7.  Her generosity.  I mean, you know you’ve found a keeper of a friend when she buys you underwear!  Yes, those first few weeks Luke was in the hospital, Melanie was my lifeblood and my sanity.

8.  Her table.  Ok, I know that sounds weird.  But hang with me.  A while back, we breakfast table swapped.  Everytime we sit down for a meal, I’m reminded of all the times we ‘broke bread’ together and I am thankful for her friendship.

9.  Her technology skillz.  Yea, that’s total sarcasm.  I had to give her blog tutorials…but I expect some stellar posts once you hit Washington State, lady.

10.  Her hugs.  Nuff said.

Melanie, you and your family are taking a great leap of faith and we are so proud of you.  You will tear it up in Washington.  We’re looking forward to a family roadtrip to see y’all.  As a sweet Dominican sister reminded me the other day, “There is no distance between tabernacles.”  We’ll see you at Mass 🙂


  1. SimmonsFamily on May 13, 2010 at 2:21 am

    We also have a family with match-ups. Catherine would have been the only loner, since this baby also has a buddy- they are due 5 weeks before us. They're not finding out though and I think it drives me more nuts than her. They moved a while back (just 200 miles away, not 2000) and I still miss them dearly.

  2. Nicole on May 13, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    I'm so sorry your dear friend is moving away – but what a gift to have a friend like that! Amazing – same number of kids, same ages, same faith, etc. God is so good! Hang in there while you adjust after her family moves away. Will be thinking of you…

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