Saturday Fun!

John Paul had two really fabulous PreK teachers last year, Mrs. Amber and Mrs. Lisa.  Mrs. Amber also happens to be a really talented photographer.  She decided to leave the school last year (boo!) to pursue her full-time photog dream (yea!).  So I can’t really be too mad that she’s not ALG’s teacher this year.  We did get to keep Mrs. Lisa 🙂

We’ve been trying to find a date for far too long for her to snap some photos of the fam.  We finally carved some time out this weekend – check these out.  Props to Granny Whitaker for finding those cute dresses and shirts for Easter.

Amber, many thanks!  Did I hit the friend jackpot or what?  So many talented peeps – all I have to offer in the talent department is some really rockin homemade chocolate chip cookies.  If you live in Austin, you know the two photographers I love 🙂

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