Potty Time

Oh, finally.  We are down to one kiddo in diapers.  Sad/not sad all in the same breath.  Bank account, so not sad.

Clare has been ready for a while, we just had a few “other” things on our minds.  We decided the Christmas break was our best bet, so we went for it last Monday.  Mostly, she’s been pretty good.  We’ve haven’t had full success but we’re getting there.  I suppose my heart hasn’t fully been in it and that’s probably the hold up.  I forgot how hard it is to potty train and have a newborn.  The last time I did that was with Will, just after I had John Paul.  Sheez, that’s been nearly 6 years ago!!

The same day we did potty mania, we also moved Clare from the crib to the big girl bed.  Ok, that was way  harder on this mom.  The girls do look absolutely adorable in their new room.  And, the way they giggle and say, “Nights” to each other is melt-your-heart lovely.  The 6am wake up calls to go potty, notsomuch.  We have an equestrian theme (hence the reason for the pastel painting by a high school friend – hat tip to Bethany Carter Fields) with a healthy, but not overwhelming dose, of pink.  Makes me want to have a sister.  I’m glad we have the buddy system at our house.  Everyone has one (and the boys have two!)

I must say, having a larger family and potty training does have its bennys.  For example, you’re nursing the newborn and your husband’s playing the wii, you’ve got three other kids to help do bathroom assist.  Hey, don’t judge.  The wii is addictive.  All kidding aside, the older ones are a tremendous help and Clare loves the attention.

She is such a funny kid.  Truly.  We heard her telling her older brothers, “No ma’am, boyssss!” this week.  She screams “touchdown” during the Cowboy game and yells out “ice keem” when we open the freezer.  Oh Clare Bear, how we love thee.

Potty training, project #4, nearly complete.


  1. Molly on January 5, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Lauryn is most certainly ready for a big girl bed, but this momma isn't ready for that either 🙁 I don't like it when they grow up. I guess I'll just have to have more…someday 😉 Congratulations on YOUR families accomplishment. I say that because it truly is a family project 🙂

  2. Nicole on January 7, 2010 at 1:56 am

    Way to go K! Our family isn't quite as big (at least not yet!) but yes… I do love watching the older ones helping out with the littlest… And wow – what a big day – potty training AND a big girl bed? So exciting for her – and you guys!

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