Jesus’ Birthday was Fantabulous

Any of you with kids in school know what a rat race December can be.  Well, this year because of all the stuff going on with Luke, we bypassed buying the tickets to that crazy show.  Thank you Jesus.

I didn’t remember to send the kids sweet note to their teachers via email, as requested by the PTO.
I didn’t remember to bring the juice boxes I signed up for to their party.
I didn’t host our family’s annual open house.
I didn’t get the tree decorated until 10 days before Christmas.
I didn’t get the Advent calendar out and “count down the days.”
I didn’t do a lot.
And I liked it.

I did, however, have the blessed opportunity to focus on the reason for the celebration.  The reason for the anticipation.  Like Elizabeth, who’s baby leapt with joy upon hearing Mary’s voice, I too, leapt with joy at our “no frills” approach to the Advent season this year.

Christmas Eve was just us this year and it was really awesome.  We made it to Mass in time to score good seats up front.  I had time to nurse Luke in the chapel before Mass and he promptly slept through the entire celebration.  I have to admit, there were some tears shed as I held him, a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, as I remembered another mom.  The kids’ behavior was A+ worthy and we even snapped a great photo of the fam, compliments of my bro, at the end of Mass.

We had our annual shrimp and pasta Christmas Eve dinner – yumola.  And, the kids had a grand time opening their presents from the Godparents and Scott and I.  Small, delightful, fun and memorable.

We concluded the evening with Santa preparations.  The usual…mixing of the reindeer food with a dash of magic sprinkles, setting out the cookies and eggnog and tracking the sleigh’s flight pattern on the NORAD Santa tracker via the Internet.

Scott and I enjoyed the quiet after the kids finally crashed.  And we were thankful.  For so many things this year I don’t even know where to start.  Life especially.  Our faith mostly.  Each other most certainly.

Christmas Day was more of the same holiday cheer.  We were joined by my parents, brother Daniel, SIL Amanda, niece Ava, cousins Mickey, John, Grace and Marie and Aunt Ava Jo and Uncle Joe Mack.  Talk about a house of crazy.  It was awesome!!

“God bless us…every one!”


  1. Makenna on January 1, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEE that picture.

  2. Nicole on January 7, 2010 at 1:59 am

    LOVE all the photos – and sounds like you had an awesome Christmas… Just curious – where did you get the kiddos beanbags? Are they from PBK? We've talked about getting some for OC&E – but honestly I haven't even really looked around much yet…

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