Tooth Fairy…finally!

At the rate we were going, I figured my kids would still have baby teeth at high school graduation. The last time we visited the dentist, she had this to say about Will’s baby teeth, “Well…it’s not unusual to have baby teeth stay in so long, but…he is one of my oldest patients to still have them all.”

Yeah, that doesn’t make you worry. Nope.

Last Friday, Scott picked Will up from school and Master Will was BEAMING, minus a tooth, of course! Oh happy day. He lost it in art – “My favorite class, Mom. Can you believe it?” and proudly popped it under his pillow that night.

By my account, the Tooth Fairy had better start saving. He’s on the horn for about $60/kid x 5 kids. Inflation stinks.

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of House Hunt ’09. We have a house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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