Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

My, oh my, four years how gone by just that quickly. When the OB yelled out “It’s a girl!” in the delivery room, my first response was, “Show me!”

What a total joy to realize that all the fun stuff my mom and I did growing up (and all those “fun” arguments we had, too) could be in our future. I started thinking bows and pink dresses and baby dolls. I’m fairly certainly Scott started thinking teenage boys he’d have to scare off and wedding bills…

Anna-Laura (or Sisty to our clan) is such a bundle of energy. She and her great-grandmother (my dad’s mom) share a birthday. My grandmother’s nickname, compliments of my grandpa, was Sisty, hence Anna-Laura has inherited that precious name.

Anna-Laura has no balance, hence the many bruises on her head and legs. She has one speed, fast. She has two obsessions, her baby and blanket. And, she’ll eat just about anything (potato salad, olives, calamari and blue cheese). Told ya.

She’s also a singer. Loves to belt out any made up tune in the backseat of the van. A drawer. A dancer. And a giggler.

Man, can they stay little forever? 4 is a fun age. They talk (with a wee bit of sass), they tell jokes, they’re mostly independent, yet still very much need momma.

ALGie (another nickname) we love you. More than baby dolls, blankets, weird foods and funny songs all rolled into one. You are the light of our household.


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  1. amanda on May 16, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    beautiful black and white picture!

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