Time to party!

I think all of you know my motto when it comes to birthdays…

Go big, or go home.

Well, after doing 16 birthdays, collectively, between the kids, we/I decided it might be fun to adopt a new motto…

Go small, no stress.

Definitely liking the new motto. Will gathered together 5 of his buddies from school and the neighborhood and we enjoyed a great dinner at Mighty Fine Burgers & Shakes. If you’re from Austin, you gotta try this place. The masterminds behind Rudy’s BBQ dreamed it up and it’s some good eats. Plus, we didn’t have to cut anyone’s food, get their drinks or clean up after them. Eight IS great. We polished off dinner with a little cookie cake. Even better.

After burgers and cookies, we piled in the van and headed to see “Monsters vs. Aliens” in 3D. Way cool, way funny. Definitely not for kids that are younger than our guys, but quite hilarious. It was really fun to hear the giggles down the row. Then, we piled them all back into the van and took them home. Party graded a success by Will.

Classic moments throughout the evening –

Keep in mind, the restaurant only has burgers and hot dogs. One of the boys says to Scott, “Um, Mr. Whitaker, I don’t eat burgers.” Scott asks what he does eat. His reply? “Pretty much anything besides burgers and hot dogs.” Would you like some ketchup with those french fries?

When we asked one of the guys if he liked popcorn, he quickly shouted, “Well, who doesn’t?”

With 7 boys, including Scott, I didn’t have to make any bathroom runs!!

For the actual birthday, we headed to a family favorite, Chuy’s. Totally Will’s choice, I promise. He got a little sheepish when the waiters came out singing, but quickly dismissed that when he saw the dessert. Who wouldn’t love that attention? He grinned and giggled the rest of the night.

So, 8 has officially come. First Communion is in less than 4 weeks and school ends in 9. Holy cow. I’m getting old. Master Will – it was a really, really fun birthday celebration weekend with you. I think your Dad and I had just as much fun as all your friends!

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