Top Ten, Take 2

So, as promised, here are the other 10 worthy Kodak moments. I know you’ve been waiting…

Christmas Day
Yes, that is us in short sleeves, on a golf course, in the middle of winter.

I love this pic because it captures our life perfectly…precious Clare, happy as can be and piles and piles of laundry behind her. See? Christmas Day is no different than any other around here!!

THE trip to Amarillo!!

You’re lookin’ at our reason for driving 19 hours. Could Great Betty and Great Papa look any happier? The boys were thrilled that they, along with my parents, got to spend the night with Great Papa. I hear they played dominoes, ate pancakes like racehorses and wore out said Greats.

Friends from A&M, Jan, Leighton and Co.

We’re nearly the same as we were in college, except now we get excited about “kids eat free on Mondays” instead of penny pitchers…

High school friend Heather and her gang.
She still goes a million miles a minute, but I so love that about her. Heather knows the best, and the very, very worst about me and still invited me over for dinner. Heath, we loved seeing you.

Yeah, yeah, there’s more than 10. I’m an Aggie and taking Math 151 almost kept me from graduating. Nuff said.

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