Camp Aunts

I realized after posting the double top ten that I left out two very important people…Aunt Mary Lou, Martha and Tobie (um, make that 3). MLou is, without a doubt, the one person in the world in which I can share my whole heart and get nothing back, but love. We don’t agree on everything – who does? But she always gets me. I love that about her. And, Marth is just a pretty amazing person herself. Funny, real and a Cubs fan. What’s not to love?

The girls, Scott and I headed over to their house while up in Amarillo and got to see their Southern Living magazine-spread-worthy backyard garden. Even in the dead of winter it was awesome. The girls enjoyed flavored water and getting to know the star of the house, Tobie Grace.

Thanks MLou for snapping these pics. They’re golden.

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  1. Abby on January 18, 2009 at 4:55 am

    Love your blog!! I’m way too addicted.

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