Top Ten: Christmas Wish List

We all have one of these don’t we? Some of the wishes are realistic, others notsomuch. But, I’m gonna give it a whirl anyway.


1. For my kids to get excited about the real reason we celebrate. This might be a stretch to get 100% buy-in, but it’s a work in progress. I remember how excited I was as a kid before we opened presents, how much fun all the “stuff” was that came along with the holiday. Now, I’m hoping that our kids feel the same excitment – because, really, getting a gift IS exciting – about the God who made them.

2. To stop yelling. I’m a yeller. But I want to stop – it’s bad for me and bad for the kids. They deserve a calmer Mom with an “inside” voice.

3. To fit into my skinny jeans. I do have some that are semi-skinny. You know the kind. You put them on and feel like you’re making progress to who you once were? But I have this pair (with dust on the fold because they’ve been hanging in the closet so long) that I just can’t seem to part with…maybe because I bought them just before I got pregnant with Clare and got to wear them like twice. I love those jeans!!!! Someday.

4. A week overseas with my hubby. Oh, YES! This one really is real…I cannot wait for March.

5. For none of my nativity scenes to get broken – again. Last year, Joseph was beheaded and this year, our little lamb is now walking on three legs instead of four. Please, please, stop the madness.

6. For my back to heal…completely.

7. To finish my client work by Dec. 19 so I can enjoy the time off.

8. For Dr. Pepper to make a 23-flavored cola that has nutritional value.

9. For the holidays to have minimal stress. In a far away, distant land, I recall completely enjoyable Christmas’ with no yelling, no tantrums, no upset in-laws and family, no short fuses, no feelings hurt. Clearly, that was 8 years ago before Master Will and his entourage entered our world. How to have children and celebrate Christmas should be a short-course offered at the local community college. We’re doing our best and we’re (translation: ME) learning to accept that it will NOT go as planned, and how to make the best of it. We’re also learning that there are some things that are non-negotiable and our first priority is to our own family.

10. To enjoy, with total joy, the time spent with family. It IS the most wonderful time of the year. May we all remember that…


  1. Jennifer on December 12, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    My Christmas wish is to have the whole family together! We are so glad y’all are coming up.

  2. Nicole on December 12, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Kathryn – LOVE your wish list. Many of those could be on mine as well! Where are you and Scott heading? Bet you can’t wait for sure! Praying for peace for you this Christmas season. So glad I can hear about your happenings via your blog!

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