It was bound to happen

Somebody HAD to get sick this Christmas season. Our unfortunate victim? Clare Bear. Yes, for a record EIGHT times, croup has hit our house. Will is the winner thus far with seven bouts of it – one time landing him in the hospital. As soon as I heard that barky cough and labored breathing I knew what it meant.

So, we’ve been heading outside for that cool, damp air and then back inside to sit in a steamy bathroom. And, we have the humidifier going during nap and bedtimes. Ugh. Can I just say how much I hate croup? Not as much as the stomach virus because that’s just a whole other level of yuck – but still.

Here’s hoping all will be well come this weekend.

If the blog posts are light this week, my apologies. I might surprise myself, then again I might not.

Make it a great week.

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  1. Nicole on December 17, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    Oh Kathryn – so sorry to hear Clare is sick! I know it is NO fun. O had croup – but no one else has – YET. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one… There are so many nasty viruses around here – it seems none of our kids have been completely well for months. And now E is being treated for a sinus & ear infection. The fun never ends. Hang in there!!!

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