Crazy. Busy. & This Week’s Top Ten

Hi, yes, we’re still here. Oh, and no (for our friends outside of Texas) we did not get hit by Ike. We thought we might. The meterologists forecasted 50mph winds and 4-6 inches of rain here in Austin. We got? 30mph winds and zippo on the rain. So, while the water bill is not loving that scenario, after seeing the devastation just 2.5 hours away…well, it puts it all into perspective. In light of that epiphany, I thought it was appropriate to share…


1. Everybody I love is safe and sound.

2. There’s no standing water in my living room. (unless of course, you count the 15 spilled cups of water this week by all four children)

3. My trees are in the yard, not crashed into my roof.

4. We have running water…even after 5 failed, “PLEASE turn off the water after you wash your hands” attempts by me. At least they’re washing their hands. Whatareyougonnado?

5. We have electricity. Again, the yelling, to turn off the 8,000 lights. But, at least we can turn them on.

6. Bread. Yes, bread. I was at the grocery store yesterday and practically took the last two loaves. Seems as if the bakeries in Houston are down.

7. We don’t have to evacuate for two weeks. Although, a “vacation” this time of year sounds mighty nice.

8. Soccer practice. Dance practice. Choir practice. Every week. For us, life is blissfully normal, and I am quite thankful.

9. Jobs. Yes, Scott and I both have them. While Scott is gearing up for his busiest time of year, I am thankful even for the late nights he spends away from us. He is doing God’s work and there is no nobler, or more important, cause. Mine has been nuts, but it’s allowing us to save, save, save. Yea, yea, yea.

10. My faith. As the election draws nearer, I’m reminded that while it’s an important one, our work as Christians doesn’t hinge on an every-four-year nail biter. God asks us to change the world, a little, everyday…

Speaking of that, I’m off to change a diaper.

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