All Things ALGie

ALGie (Anna-Laura Grace), Sisty, Drama Queen – however you address her, she’s one cute little gal. The ballet/tap/tumbling classes are such a hoot. We’ve finally figured out “the Monday system.”

Shall I set the scene?

Every Monday, we get said Ballerina in her clothes, piggies done and then dash to pick up Will from school. We arrive and send her on into the studio where we watch the closed circuit monitor. Will does homework, John Paul colors and Clare snacks/screams/squirms/eats/repeat 5 times. Then the hour’s over, ALGie gets her sticker and off we go. It’s one of the highlights of the week. This photo was her being sassy – oh so shocking, I know. Hey, she’s 3. It’s the new 2. But, honestly, the girl loves the class. We pray for her teacher, Miss Daisy, EVERY night.

And, she’s really coming out of her shell at school. At home? No problem. Talking, screaming and getting her way are par for the course. But at school she’s the quiet one. I know, my child, quiet? She practically runs to her classroom and when I pick her up she’s chatty, chatty about her “I had so much fun Mom” day. Love it. They made fruit loop necklaces last week. Can I have a show of hands of who wants to be 3 again???

Man, this girl gig is fun.

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