Top Ten: Things I’m Looking Forward to This Fall

Ah, fall is in the air…temperatures are in the mid-90s, people are still wearing halter tops, school is back in session and the Aggies kick-off the football season this weekend. WHOOP! Here’s hoping this season is better than those in recent memory. Hey, a girl’s gotta dream.

Without further ado, here is this week’s…


1. Soccer games, all 20 of ’em. Yep, both boys signed up which means we’ll be living at the soccer fields every Saturday. I’m thinking about pitching a tent, selling lemonade and living in a van down by the river.

2. Scott’s birthday. He’s the only one in the house with a fall birthday. I’m already in birthday withdrawal, so his can’t get here soon enough! Let’s party already.

3. High school football. Since we were first married, heading to a high school football game has always been something we love. Enter children into the marriage and going to them on a regular basis? Notsomuch. Maybe we can make it a date Friday this fall.

4. Kicking t.u.’s tail in football. Gobble, gobble. Need I say more?

5. Jeans and long sleeve shirts. I love fall weather. It’s the only time of the year people don’t comment on how pale I am.

6. Election season. Oh, wait, that’s a different top ten.

7. The holidays. Every single one of ’em. Starting with Labor Day all the way through New Year’s. The kids are already mapping out their Halloween costumes.

8. My mom’s 60th birthday. Don’t hide Mom, be proud. You’ve had 60 GREAT YEARS (well, in a few weeks anyway). I only pray I’m that blessed!!

9. Lower utility bills. Enough with the no rain.

10. A new season of Lost.


  1. amanda on August 27, 2008 at 8:08 pm

    I’m all about # 5 and # 10! I freeze my tail off in the summer time b/c every one jacks up the A/C on us when we’re in our summer cloths. I also can’t wait to see what happens on LOST! Unfortunately, we have to wait until January 2009 to find out! 🙁

  2. Kelley on August 28, 2008 at 2:18 am

    I just read Amanda’s post and it burst my “Lost” bubble. I was all excited and then to read 1/2009!!! Aaahh..but fortunately, the Sci Fi channel is starting the series from the beginning.
    Love the post. I too love Fall and thought I smelled a hint of it on Saturday! I think I know some takers on that lemonade!

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