Overheard at Mass

Last night, I took the boys with me to Mass. They’re finally at the age where you can take them and hear about half of the homily as opposed to bringing the whole family and spending the entire hour in the back, wondering if you’re at church or the supermarket.

Anyway, at the Mass we had a visiting priest, a Paulist Father, in town for our Parish Mission. He was a funny one, and the boys thought his jokes were hilarious. I should point out that he was a bit bald – that will be important in just a moment. So, it’s near the end of Mass, and I was so proud of the boys. In fact, the behavior was so good they were just minutes shy of earning their favorite reward – a walk through the parish’s rose garden. Just as the congregation noise dies down, to prepare for our closing hymn, John Paul belts out AND POINTS TO THE PRIEST, “Mommy, that man needs to grow some hair!”

Reason #216 why John Paul is the funniest member of the house.

Oh, and yes, they earned the rose garden. I mean, how could I not honor that after amusing at least 20 parishioners??

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