Top Ten: Van Gate 2008

A couple of weeks ago, after we finally got a break in the rain, I decided it was time to wash and clean out the van. That, and the fact that it hadn’t been washed in like 3 months (seriously). It’s filthy once again, but I digress.

I thought it would be “fun” for the kids to help. Actually, the front got very clean – but after 5 minutes, they were done. Oh well. At least we made an attempt. So, as I’m cleaning, I’m cracking up at all the stuff my pack-rat kids have stuffed in every nook and cranny. I only see the van from the front left and basically have no idea what they do in the remaining 95% of the van. Scary…as I found out.

So, enjoy this week’s – slightly messy, but oddly fascinating?? – top ten…


1. John Paul’s missing white sock. We’ve been searching for it for weeks.

2. My sunglasses! I lose them about every other week, along with my cell phone, much to husband’s dismay. Note to blogger readers: if you want to reach me, phone home, do not phone cell phone.

3. A smashed up styrofoam cup – in about a thousand pieces – crammed into Will’s cubby. Where he got this, I have no idea.

4. Silver unidentifed object thingy that had bolts and looked like it went to our van? I hope a wheel doesn’t come flying off or the roof separates. Scott assures me it’s not from our van, but we shall see. That does make one wonder, doesn’t it? Just WHERE did it come from????

5. Scooby Doo snacks – crushed and nearly permanently imbedded into Anna-Laura’s carseat. Thank goodness for the Shop Vac. It took like 11 passes to get that stuff out.

6. The utility bill. Good thing I decided not to put off cleaning the van another day or we would’ve been without water. Then again, I guess I would’ve figured that out when I went to turn on the hose and there was none.

7. 3 bows. Anna-Laura looks especially cute – when she wears these for longer than 5 seconds. But, she has a bad habit of looking all cute when we pull out of the garage and 2 minutes into the trip, I look back and the bow is gone. To where? I did not know until I cleaned out the van.

8. A dime! Yes, I got paid a whole 10 cents to clean out the family van.

9. A “You’re my best friend, Will” note from one of his classmates, Kyle. That one almost made me cry.

10. Last but not least, a Hershey’s Kiss! Hey, it hadn’t melted and I’m guessing it had been behind Clare’s car seat for a good month or two. I see it as my reward for doing the dirty work. Thank you Van Gods!

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