Precious Time

Forgive me while I get a bit nostalgic. We’re starting to wind down the end of the school year for all the kids and there’s a part of me that freaks out a wee bit – will 4 kids under the age of 7 for 13 weeks put me in the crazy house?? But, there’s another part, a much bigger part, that wants to freeze this summer and keep replaying it even before it’s begun.

Freeze in time our little Clare Bear who almost has crawling mastered; I know walking isn’t far behind. And then, she won’t be our baby anymore…

Freeze in time the way Anna-Laura sucks her thumb when she’s tired. I know the dental bills will be horrendous, but today it reminds me that she’s still a little girl that looks darn cute with pigtails.

Freeze in time John Paul’s temper tantrums. They are still reminders he’s not quite ready for kindergarten, not quite prepared for a day away from momma.

Freeze in time Will’s eagerness to give me a kiss and a hug before he leaves for school. How he kisses the whole clan and shouts out, “Have a great day everybody! I’ll see you at carline.”

Thank you, God, for today. For giving me some moments to remind me that the vocation of motherhood is hard, but it’s also wonderfully humbling. I have eight little feet to kiss, eight little hands to grasp and four little hearts to love…

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