Top Ten: Best Things about Spring

I don’t know about you, but spring is LONG overdue here in Central Texas. Yes, I know, we haven’t been freezing our hineys off like folks in the Midwest or back East, but we’re acclimated and we’re Texans. It’s been cold. For Texas. Hooray for spring, my favorite season.


1. Bluebonnet pictures. You’re just not a Texan in these parts if you don’t have a bluebonnet picture of yourself, your dog, your kids, your whatever. I love that you can drive down MoPac and see half a dozen cars with their flashers on, shuttling their kids up the side of the embankment to get THE bluebonnet picture. Makes me laugh (and smile) everytime. Um, NO, we haven’t done ours yet…this weekend. I promise.

now isn’t that a picture of cuteness? the boys back in ’05…

2. Flip-flops and sandals. This is good and bad. I’m thrilled that I no longer have to hunt down 4 pairs of socks for the kids, but it’s a reminder that I really need to get a pedicure. Think Scott will buy that?

3. Sunroofs. Yes, our minivan has one. I don’t feel quite as hip as if I were driving a Mini Cooper or a convertible, but you take what you can get.

4. Drinks at Sonic just taste better. They do, don’t they? Especially when paired with a sunroof. See #3.

5. Flowers. Scott won’t let me touch any other part of the yard, but the pots up front and the hanging baskets in back are all mine. Thanks honey. Now, if I could just remember to water them…

6. The Garden! We’ve been on this organic kick lately (blame it on Austin) and I must say, I’m liking it, just not the sticker shock. But, the garden out back lets us teach the kids about agriculture – that $40K in college education is paying off – and we get to eat fresh veggies from the garden. If you ever drop by for dinner, we have plenty of caprese salad, salsa and spinach. Ok, not necessarily all together, but, well…

7. Summer plans. We’re already making them and I’m already excited. Sleeping past 6am, longer days, shorts, no uniforms to iron, water fun in the sprinklers…ah, I can’t wait.

8. Attitude. Is it me or do people seem a little nicer when the weather is prettier outside? The guy at the 4-way stop waves you through (he probably has his sunroof down, too), the lady with the HUGE cart of food at the store waves you ahead or the telemarketer apologizes for calling during dinner. Ok, well, maybe not. But, at least people are smiling more these days.

9. The gas bill goes down! Yes, the electricity and water bills shoot sky high, but at least one’s going down, right?

10. Going to Mass on Saturday night. I love it. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because the kids seem to behave better, or it’s not dark when we come home or that you can sit and chat with friends after it’s over. I dunno. But, whatever it is, I’m lovin it.

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