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I was browsing the web today (man, can that be the black abyss, or what?) and found this website. You can click on any state and find the factory tours near you. I’ve always been a fan of Blue Bell, but never really considered it a factory tour…just a really awesome place to get ice cream. But, after checking out this site, there are some really cool places that the kids (and Scott and I, for that matter) would love to check out. Number 1 on the list? Jardines in Buda.

Just a few housekeeping items…first and foremost, SCOTT COMES HOME TOMORROW!!!! He’s been at a retreat since Sunday. I’m sure the kids are even more excited than me. Tonight, before bed, the boys started chanting, “Dad is great, he feeds us chocolate cake!” (thank you Bill Cosby) And, I have NOT forgotten about Miss Clare’s 9-month milestone. With the ear infection and the massive upchucking around here, we have not gotten her in for her well check. That’s next Tuesday. Hang tight buckaroos, I’ll give you the full report 15 April.


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  1. amanda on April 9, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    Johnson Space Center is fun too!

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